Tuesday 19 November 2013

Fight over 5 Pointz ends with dirty tactics - whitewash

For artists battling to save 5 Pointz - reported here - it must have been heartbreaking to wake up to these scenes:

After the Federal Court ruling last week, refusing to grant an injunction to stop the demolition of 5 Pointz, the building owners appear to have taken matters into their own hands. They hired a crew of painters who worked through last night to whitewash the walls of 5 Pointz - covering up years of stunning street art, paintings and murals.

So much for the rights of the artists. No moral rights, just outrage.

 Photos by Tiernan Morgan

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Andrew Robinson said...

It's interesting how much attitudes have changed over the years. My gut relation is that this is deplorable act of pure vandalism, and I'm not sure I know anyone who would disagree, but (say) 40 years ago public opinion would probably have been the exact opposite.