Friday 26 August 2011

Bible-ripping as art

Reported at the end of last week, a court in Poland has cleared a vocalist in the death metal band Behemoth over charges of insulting religious feelings after he tore up a bible during a concert in Poland in 2007 and threw the pages into the audience calling Christianity the "biggest criminal sect" and the Bible a "deceitful book" and asking fans to burn the pages.

The court said that the singer, Adam Darski (stage name "Nergal"), was not guilty of offending religious feeling, as his act was a form of artistic expression consistent with the style of his band. The judge also said that it was not about to limit freedom of expression or the right to criticise religion.

Forget performance art – check out the arty face paint!

So contrary to the position in the Philippines where art can offend religious feelings and morals (read more here and here), it seems common sense prevailed in Poland.

Source: The Guardian, 18 August 2011

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