Friday 15 July 2011

Handbags at Dawn: a competition

Further to yesterday's announcement of the Handbags at Dawn: Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry conference (click here for programme), sponsored by this weblog, here's some good news. The organisers of the conference, CLT, are offering free admission to this enjoyable event, plus a tasty lunch, as a competition prize.

To enter the competition you have to write a limerick which (i) begins with the line: "A stylish young model from France ..." and (ii) contains the word 'handbag'.  Entries should be emailed here with the subject line "French model" by not later than midnight (BST) on Sunday 31 July 2011. 

The best entries will be published on this blog.

1 comment:

Tanja Cilia said...

A stylish young model from France
Was pretty, but rather a dunce.
She embroidered a sandbag
And made a cute handbag
The model left nothing to chance.