Sunday 13 February 2011

"Copyright or right to copy?"

"Bad artists imitate; great artists steal" (Pablo Picasso)
On 11 March 2011 there's a conference coming up in Turin, organised by Elisa Vittone who explains:
"How and how much has contemporary art jeopardised classic rules of protection of artistic works? In 2010, the National Gallery, London and the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris organized exhibits, which called concepts of uniqueness, originality and authenticity into question. How can the law settle this? How far is artists’ freedom willing to go? Does a uniform application of resale right really operate in the EU? What impact will the Dalì decision of the European Court of Justice [here] have in the EU State Members?"
The programme for this event -- for which admission is free -- looks like this:
14.00 Registration

14.20 LUCA BEATRICE (President of Circolo dei Lettori): Welcome

14.30 ELISA VITTONE (IP Lawyer – Law Firm Saglietti & Partners): Introduction

14.40 FRANCESCO MANACORDA (Director of Artissima): Right of Reply? The Reasons of re-enactment in Contemporary Art

15.00 MARIO BARBUTO (President of Torino Court of Appeal): Legal Requirements of Protection of a Work of Art according to Italian Law

15.20 JUDITH ICKOWICZ (Chargée de Cours Univerisité Paris 1 – Ancien Avocat): The Concept of Work of Art applied to Contemporary Art according to French law

15.40 FRANCESCO POLI (Professor at Brera Academy of Fine Arts – Lecturer at Paris University 8): Uniqueness and Authenticity of Oeuvres in the History of Contemporary Art

16.00 SÉBASTIEN GOKALP (Curator – Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris): The Exhibition Seconde Main: an Exhibition of “look-alike Works”


16.40 CRISTIANO GIULIO SANGIULIANO (Christie’s – Director Dep. Contemporary Art,  Milano): Transparency of the Market: the Role of Auctions

17.00 MARINA ANNA TAVASSI (President IP Chamber Milano Court): Infringement in figurative Art and derivative Works

17.20 ALASTAIR WILSON QC (Head of Hogarth Chambers London): Reproduction of Works of Art in UK

17.40 LUIGI CECERE (SIAE – Manager; OLAF Section, Roma; Società Italiana Autori ed Editori – Italian Association of Authors and Editors): Resale Right in Italy

18.00 JEREMY STEIN (Manager of DACS (Design and Artist Copyright Society) UK): Resale Right in UK

18.20 MASSIMO DI CARLO (President of ANGAMC, the Associazione Nazionale delle Gallerie d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea – National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery): Resale Right. A Market Perspective

18.40 Debate


For more information please contact  Elisa Vittone (Saglietti & Associati), email - Tel. + 39 011 533 834.

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