Wednesday 31 July 2013

Art and Artifice event: save the date!

On 24 October we're having an Art & Artifice get-together. The location will be in Central London and our guest speaker will be Michael Edenborough QC, who acted for the successful claimant in the celebrated Red Bus case (here,  noted on this weblog by Rosie here). Michael will be speaking about this case -- which still has the power to shock and surprise people -- and its aftermath, following which a panel of enthusiasts, including some members of the Art & Artifice blog team, will make some pertinent comments of their own.  Refreshments and a spot of pleasant networking will then spontaneously occur.  Further details will be provided once they are finalised.  In the meantime, save the date, and indeed the time (registration at 5 pm; event starts at 5.30 pm and ends at 7 pm).

See you there!


DesE said...

Got the date but where is the venue

DesE Gershon.

Jeremy said...

Thanks, DesE, for your comment. To reiterate: " Further details will be provided once they are finalised". One of those is the venue, which we're closing in on!