Monday 20 May 2013

Mandela, daughters -- and lawyers -- tussle over art collection

From the Sowetan Life, "Mandela daughters sue father" (here), it appears that iconic former South African President's Nelson Mandela's daughters are suing him "for the rights to his artworks and control of his millions". Citing The Star, Sowetan Live reports that
" Zenani and Makaziwe Mandela intend fighting an April 2004 Johannesburg High Court order which gave Mandela the right to instruct Ismail Ayob, his then lawyer, to stop managing his financial, personal and legal affairs. The court order barred Ayob from selling any of Mandela's artworks.

The Star reported that Mandela's current lawyer, Bally Chuene, filed an affidavit last week in response to a lawsuit brought by the sisters, who are represented by Ayob.

Last month the sisters filed papers asking for Chuene, George Bizos SC and Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale to remove themselves as directors and trustees of the Mandela Trust and as directors of Harmonieux and Magnifique (Pty) Ltd with immediate effect.

In his replying affidavit, Chuene reportedly said he, Bizos and Sexwale had, in 2011, refused to release the trust's money to the daughters without a legal justification.

The Star reported that Chuene was adamant Ayob was behind the women's court action".
The precise legal basis upon which the rights in the former President's artwork are contested is not spelled out, but a post on Public News Hub adds that
"The affidavit also exposes the fact that Ismail Ayob is yet to respond to the ailing leader’s request for complete information about his art collection. Madiba requested this information for the first time in 2004 but it has yet to land at his desk".
Art & Artifice hopes to report on this matter in greater detail when more information about the legal issues is available.

Art by Nelson Mandela here

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Anonymous said...

This is such rubbish. The daughters have not sued their father. The only party that should be sued is The Star. This sensationalist headline has been re printed across all major media across the globe without any consideration of the damage to the Mandela family and Mandela name. The daughters have asked the courts to remove Advocate Bizos et al from the Trusts and companies as they believe that they are not acting in the families favour. How can the media and the public be so stupid as to believe, re print and comment on such ignorant and senseless media coverage? The editors of The Star should spend some time on Robben Island themselves to learn some respect for Mr Nelson Mandela.