Friday 5 April 2013

The "Russian Banksy" Pasha P183 dies aged 29 in Moscow

Pasha P183's work
According to reports, the prominent Russian street artist Pavel Pukhov, known with the tag of Pasha P183, was found dead under unknown circumstances last Monday in Moscow, aged 29.

Pasha P183 was often compared to the world famous Banksy, since as the British artist or Keith Haring started out painting graffiti in the dead of night and recalled being arrested numerous times by Moscow police.Many of his street works had political undertones and carried an implied reference to a recent wave of massive street protests in Moscow against president Vladimir Putin's role. He was known for leaving artistic installations and politically fueled murals across Moscow, including riot police painted on subway doors and a masked protester holding a flare that caught fire.

Pasha P183's work
One of his most well-known pieces was a pair of oversized spectacles drawn in the snow with a street lamp serving as the open stem, almost an Oldenburg-sized versions of everyday objects.

In a rare interview posted on last year, he stated about his work: "I wanted that work to carry the most important message...that a person mustn't sell himself, I made a chocolate bar that can't be bought, using a giant panel of concrete."

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