Friday 4 March 2011

Trade mark experts as artists

The 2nd Annual International Trademark Association (INTA) Art Show takes place in San Francisco this May, following the warm reception given to the INTA Art Show that was held during the organisation's 132nd Annual Meeting in Boston last year.  According to the INTA
"The 2011 INTA Art Show will be hosted at Moscone Center West during our 133rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Participation is open to all registered attendees and registered guests of the Annual Meeting [that's expected to be over 8,000 people]; immediate family members and colleagues of registered attendees may also submit artwork but need not be present at the Annual Meeting. The INTA Art Show will be located on the second floor of the convention center, where it will enhance the attendee experience and provide a medium to display the unexpected and unknown artistic talents of INTA members and staff. 
If you have artwork that you would like to display, you are encouraged to submit your work through a special online Art Show registration, which will allow you to apply and upload pictures of your artwork to the INTA website. The option exists to display your work in a virtual gallery accessible through the INTA website by INTA members and Annual Meeting attendees".
The deadline for submission is 22 April 2011, via the INTA -- which has almost as many rules for the submission and exhibition of entries as there are rules for the registration of trade marks.

Manet's Bar at the Folies-Bergere: note the Bass Triangle (UK
trade mark no.1) on the label of the bottle on the far right
Trade mark enthusiasts and art lovers have shared some delightful moments, as the illustrations above and below demonstrate.  Readers are invited to nominate other trade mark-driven artwork, which may be seen as a missed opportunity for product placement ...

Andy Warhol: one day every soup
will enjoy 15 minutes of fame ...

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