Monday 26 March 2012


I would like to highlight to all people interested in art law issues the forthcoming Conference that will take place on 17 and 18 of May in Rome at MAXXI (Museum of XXI century arts). This conference, jointly organised by the Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage law Committee of the International Bar Association and the Italian Contemporary Museum, will have top international speakers (lawyers, artists, art critics, museum directors).

MAXXI, interior view
Attendees will enjoy a unique opportunity to get acquainted on new art trends that have emerged on the art scene in the few last decades such as: digital art, holograms, Art 2.0, bio art, performances and enactments, language and law based art, appropriationism and sampling, sound and ambient art, street art and so on.

These art trends challenge the legal definition of "artwork", because of the discrepancy existing between what can be considered art in the art world and what can be deemed art according to legal standards.

For instance, appropriationism and sampling could raise problem whether the concept of originality can be considered still a criterion to define an artwork.

In addition, new challenging forms of artistic expression can create several legal problems:  language based art with copyright, sound art and its difference with music, street art with the right of ownership and so on.

Then, speakers will talk about problems raised by the immaterial character of performances and enactments, besides legal issues concerning digital and internet based art.

Finally, speakers will focus on : how to acquire new kinds of art; exhibition problems; storage and maintenance (e.g. ephemeral or self-destructing works); technology changes and reproductions problems; obscene and blasphemous works; merchandising; loans; reproductions in catalogues.

 See here to look at the Conference's program.

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