Thursday 3 October 2013

Whited out: Banksy art survived less than a day in New York

Few hours after their creation, two of the new Banksy's artworks have been vandalized in New York.

The world famous street artist, whose works have fetched up to $ 2 million, had just announced on his website the new project "Better out than in", aiming to create new works of art out in the streets of New York during his month-long residency, more than in galleries.

One of the vandalized work, titled "The street is in play", was whited out after less than a day. The artwork, stencilled in classic Banksy style on a Manhattan wall, depicted two boys, one standing on the other's back and attempting to grap the spray can in a sign reading "graffiti is a crime". 

The Banksy's artwork "The street is in play" before and after being whited out

The second Banksy's work was a white spray-painted text "This is my New York accent", in a traditional graffiti font, while underneath it was sprayed in a more usual font "...normally I write like this". This work was vandalized too, by someone spraying their own tag over the top of it.

Another vandalized Banksy's work in the westside street of Manhattan

In one of the rare interview released by the British artist in 2010, he said "Graffiti's isn't meant to last for ever. I'd prefer someone draws a moustache and glasses on one of my pieces than encase it in Perspex. I've always been uncomfortable with the way galleries put things on a pedestal. I think art should be a two-way conversation, not a lecture behind glass".

Souce: Daily mail, October 3, 2013

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