Thursday 29 August 2013

Arts and culture - funding, participation and value

On Monday 3 December, Westminster Media Forum is holding a keynote seminar on arts and culture.  Speakers include Dominic Lake, the Head of Arts at the UK's Department for Culture Media and Sport, Moira Sinclair from Arts Council England, and Emma Black from the Science Museum.

The focus is, unsurprisingly, on arts funding and improving cultural engagement.  Areas for discussion include:

Public arts and cultural funding: next steps for policy, the long-term implications of cuts, progress on quantifying the impact of the creative industries, and assessing the legacy of the Cultural Olympiad

Cultural engagement and participation: beyond policy to involve young people, options to reach their parents and more widely - including grassroots approaches such as workshops and festivals

Innovation in funding: the emerging options for cultural institutions to increase earned income, encourage greater philanthropic and legacy giving, secure corporate sponsorship and exploit the power of digital channels

Capitalising on cultural tourism: the domestic and global opportunities to capitalise on the UK’s arts, culture and heritage to increase tourism, and address the competitive challenges for smaller cultural centres.

The draft agenda is here.  You can sign up here.  It costs £190 plus VAT (or £80 plus VAT if you fall within various criteria e.g. you work for a small arts charity).

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